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DSC-2012 Andhra Pradesh Direct Recruitment of Teachers (Scheme of Selection) – Rules 2012 – Permission to complete Recruitment process

A N N E X U R E – I to G.O.Ms.No.___ School Education(PE.Ser.II) Department, dated
1. The following guidelines are issued for verification of original certificates,
preparation of selection lists, conduct of counseling and issue of appointment and posting
orders to the selected candidates of DSC 2012.
2. Candidates shall be selected on the basis of combined marks secured in the Written
Test (80%) and TET (20%) in all categories of posts except SA (Physical Education) and
PET for which selection shall be on the basis of written test (100%) only, duly following the
provisions of the Andhra Pradesh Direct Recruitment for the posts of Teachers (Scheme of
Selection) Rules, 2012 issued in G.O.Ms.No.4, Education (PE-Ser.II) Department, Dt. 09-
01 -2012 and G.O. Ms. No. 12 Education (PE-Ser.II) Department, Dt. 30-01 -2012.
3. The number of candidates selected shall not be more than the number of vacancies
notified. There shall be no waiting list and posts if any unfilled for any reason whatsoever
shall be carried forward for future recruitment.
4. The District Selection Committee concerned shall approve the selection lists and
the same shall be displayed on the notice boards of the District Collector’s office and the
District Educational Officer’s office and on the website for the information of candidates
5. The Commissioner and Director of School Education shall develop a software tool
with the support of the Centre for Good Governance to ensure a uniform procedure for
selection of candidates by the District Selection Committees for various categories of
posts of Teachers.
6. The district and category wise DSC-2012 merit lists shall be communicated by the
Commissioner and Director of School Education to the concerned District Selection
Committees for the purpose of preparation of selection lists and issue of appointment
7. For the purpose of deciding the inter-se merit / rank of candidates with equal marks,
the following procedure shall be followed in that order:
(i) Date of Birth: The elder candidate will be given higher rank over a younger
(ii) If the Date of Birth is also same, but the candidates belong to different
genders, a female candidate will be given a higher rank over a male
(iii) If two or more candidates have same date of birth, and no female candidate
is one among them, or more than one female candidates are available, then
candidates belonging to the following communities (in that order) shall be
given a higher rank:
(1) ST
(2) SC
(3) BC (A)
(4) BC (B)
(5) BC (C)
(6) BC (D)
(7) BC (E) and
(8) OC
(iv) In case of further equality or tie, the date of passing of Professional /
Training qualification examination (B. Ed / D. Ed or equivalent examination,
Pandit Training etc) and in case of further tie, the date of passing the basic
academic qualification shall be taken into consideration.
8. Verification Of Certificates:
a) The District Educational Officer shall prepare with the approval of the District
Selection Committee a provisional list to the extent of vacancies notified, for each
category of post notified in DSC – 2012 on the basis of the merit list and publish the
same on the notice boards of the offices of the District Collector and District
Educational Officer and also on the designated website, along with the date, time
and venue fixed for verification of certificates. The District Educational Officer shall
also issue a press note in the local news papers for wide publicity in this regard.
b) As the processing of applications for DSC-2012 is made online so far, the process
of verification of certificates of candidates included in provisional list may, in certain
cases, also result in,
i. Failure of the candidate to attend for verification of certificates.
ii. Failure of the candidate to produce the original certificate/s
relevant to his/her eligibility and selection.
iii. Inclusion of a candidate in the provisional list of more than one
c) As regards b(i) above, the District Educational Officer shall send a personal
intimation to the address furnished by the candidate, to attend along with all
relevant original certificates on the date fixed for the said purpose, as a final
d) In case the candidate fails to attend even on the date so fixed, he/she shall
forfeit his/her right to be considered for selection.
e) In the event of b(ii) & b(iii) and (d) above, the provisional list shall be redrawn
by the District Selection Committee drawing next candidate/s from the merit list to
the extent necessary, however, subject to the condition that the number of
candidates included shall not be more than the number of vacancies notified for that
particular category. In so far as the candidate covered by b(iii) above, this exercise
shall be done only after obtaining the option of such candidate at the time of
verification of certificates itself.
f) The further verification of certificates, if any required as under (e) above shall
be done, after due intimation to the candidates concerned, on the date fixed for the
said purpose.
g) After due completion of the above exercise the District Selection Committee
shall prepare the final selection list of the candidates for all categories of the
teachers. Once the final selection list is prepared, there shall be no waiting list and
posts if any unfiled for any reason whatsoever shall be carried forward for future
recruitment as per sub rule (5) of rule 16 of the Andhra Pradesh Direct Recruitment
for the posts of teachers (scheme of selection) Rules, 2012.
9. Procedure for Implementing the Reservations and Presidential Order 1975
(Reservation for Locals):
a) The rule of reservation to local candidates is applicable and the provisions of
Andhra Pradesh Public Employment (OLC&RDR) Order (Presidential Order) 1975
and amendments there to shall be followed strictly. The procedure to be followed in
respect of 20% (non-local and local) and 80% (local) candidates may be made
explicit to the District Selection Committee.
b) Achieving Reservations for SCs/STs/BCs/Women/ PHC/Ex-servicemen:
(i) Reservations for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Castes,
Women, Physically challenged candidates, and ex-servicemen shall be
implemented as per the provisions of Rule 22 and 22A of the Andhra
Pradesh State and Subordinate Service Rules, 1996, as amended in G.O.
Ms. No. 65, General Administration (Services - D) Department, Dated 15th
February 1997 as amended from time to time.
(ii) Appointments shall be made in the order of rotation specified in Rule 22(e) of
the Andhra Pradesh State and Subordinate Service Rules, 1996 in a unit of
hundred vacancies.
(iii) Local Scheduled Tribe candidates shall only be considered for selection and
appointment against the vacancies in Scheduled Areas. They shall also be
considered for selection to the posts notified in plain area if they come up for
(iv) Selection of the candidates for the posts of Government/Local Bodies/Tribal
Welfare Department shall be made together as per the roster of each unit of
appointment and selected candidates shall exercise their option as per roster
cum merit and the District Educational Officer, shall allot the candidates to
the respective unit accordingly.
c) Achieving Reservations for Local candidates under the Presidential Order, 1975:
(i) The top 20% of the Roster Points under which selections are being made in the
recruitment for a specific category of teachers posts (e.g., School Assistant-
Mathematics-Telugu medium) should be kept open for Open Competition under
the Presidential Order 1975 (i.e. open for Locals and Non-local candidates),
subject to the condition that the candidates shall however belong to the same
reservation category (SC/ST/BC/Women/PHC/Ex-Servicemen, or a combination
of these) as prescribed in a specific Roster Point.
(ii) The remaining 80% of the Roster Points shall be filled with candidates who are
locals to that district only, subject to the condition that the candidates shall
however belong to the same reservation category (SC/ST/BC/Women/PHC/Ex-
Servicemen, or a combination of these) as prescribed in a specific Roster Point.
d) Filling up “Carry-Forward Roster-Point Vacancies”:
(i) Roster points which were carried over from the previous recruitments, due to
non-availability of candidates under the particular reservation category /
categories, should be placed at the top of the list of Roster Points to be
adopted for conducting the current recruitment. They shall first be filled up
with the candidates pertaining to the respective reservation category in
respect of each of the ‘carried over’ roster points, ensuring the ‘women’ and
‘local’ reservation as applicable for the ‘Carry-Forward’ vacancies.
(ii) If the carry forward vacancies are from the first 20% of the previous list they
are open for both local & non-local but subject to the communal reservation.
If the carry forward vacancies from the 80% list i.e. list of local candidates,
the posts have to be filled up by local candidates subject to the communal
e) Ex-servicemen:
As per G.O.Ms.No.310 General Administration (Ser.D) Department dated 19-07-
2005, the 13th and 37th turn in each unit of hundred vacancies shall be reserved for exservicemen.
Out of 13th and 37th roster points, preference to one of the two points for
women can be given, if women candidates are not available, both the points with men shall
be considered. However, wherever the special or adhoc rules provide that there shall be
no reservation for ex-servicemen or if a qualified and suitable candidate is not available
from ex-servicemen, the turn allotted to ex-servicemen shall be deemed to be allotted to
open competition.
f) Physically Challenged Candidates:
(i) The rules issued from time to time by the Department of Disabled Welfare
shall be followed in respect of special representation for differently abled
(physically challenged) persons.
(ii) All candidates who are claiming “Physically challenged” reservation, and
appeared for examination in Teachers Recruitment Test - DSC - 2012,
belonging to Hearing Impaired, Orthopedically Challenged and Visually
Challenged shall produce certificates from the hospitals as indicated in
Annexure - II. The certificates should have been issued on or after the date
of issue of Notification of Teachers Recruitment Test - DSC – 2012 i.e.
30.01.2012. Any certificate issued prior to issue of the said date or from any
other hospital shall not be valid.
(iii) No Physically challenged quota should be extended for the Physical
Education Teacher posts as the said quota is not considered for admission
into the Physical Education Training courses. The post earmarked for
Physical Education Teacher should be filled with eligible meritorious
candidate as per Government. Memo.No1351/Ser.VI/2008-2, dated 01-04-
10. Process of Counseling:
(i) The DEO shall display the list of vacancies for each post-category, subject-wise, and
medium-wise strictly as per school needs.
(ii) All vacancies in girls’ institutions shall be earmarked “Preference to selected women
candidates only”; and shall not be filled up with men if female candidates are available.
iii) Merit cum Roster shall be followed at the time of selection i.e., once the candidates
are selected based on merit and as well as Roster Points, the candidates selected for
appointment shall be re-arranged based on the merit obtained in DSC examination
and consolidated lists of each district shall be published.
iv) The candidates shall be called for counseling in the order of Merit cum Roster.
11. Issue of Appointment Orders:
The District Educational Officer and Member-Secretary of the District Level
Committee shall issue appointment orders under Rule 10(a) of Andhra Pradesh State and
Subordinate Service Rules 1996 and posting orders to the selected candidates in terms of
service rules of the respective managements existing as on date as per the choice
exercised by the selected candidates in the counseling for schools under the control of
District Educational Officer, duly indicating that,
(i) such appointment is subject to the outcome of C.A No.4886-4901 of 2009
and C.A. No.7479/2009 in Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.
(ii) selection process shall be subject to the result of Writ Petition No. 26444 of
2012 pending before the Hon’ble High Court of Andhra Pradesh and other
orders issued by other courts, if any.
12. Display on the Notice Board:
The list of candidates who have been given posting orders shall also be displayed
on the Notice Board on the day of counseling. If any changes/modifications in postings are
made after display of the list, the Member-Secretary concerned shall be personally held
responsible and severe disciplinary action shall be taken against him/her. The selected
candidates list for appointment shall also be displayed by the District Educational Officer
on the website.


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